Hire 1920s Dancers: The Silk Street Flappers


Add some real razzle-dazzle and hire 1920s dancers for your next event!

We are very excited to present a special addition to our ‘roaring’ range of spectacular entertainment line ups, our very own 1920s dancers!

Take a look at the video to see what they can do:

Perfect for Great Gatsby themed parties, vintage weddings, prohibition era style nights and more, the Silk Street Flappers are available as a solo to 4-piece act.

These talented dancers offer a free-styling or choreographed option and are available to dance to both live band or pre-recorded track.

Pair them with our Silk Street Lucky Four band for a wild evening of 1920s entertainment!

The Silk Street Flappers - hire 1920s dancers for UK eventsSilk Street Flappers 1

To hire (or enquire) call 07397 909373 and we’ll be delighted to tell you about the Silk Street Flappers and what they can bring to your special 1920s themed event.

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