Hire 1920s Band: The Ultimate Guide


1920s Band Hire
Hire 1920s Band: The Ultimate Guide

How to hire 1920s band and book the real deal

Do you want to hire 1920s band that’s the real deal, or a fake imitation? Nice-looking videos of 1920s-style bands doing their thing are all over the internet. They might be dressed to the nines but the music is a bit lacking in excitement and authenticity. They’re basically a pop function band that also does ‘a 1920s set’ to cash in on the Peaky Blinders trend. Their repertoire is limited and they don’t produce an authentic sound.

Instead, you want a band that fills the dance floor, plays all the classic hits, and know their instruments like the back of their hand. You need to hire the perfect 1920s band. This is how.

1920s bands: What they shouldn’t do

  • Perform naff modern covers of songs that weren’t written in the 1920s. You’re trying to transport your guests back in time, and a cover of Bad Romance isn’t going to cut it. Leave the modern songs until later – it gives the DJ something to do and gives your guests something a little bit different to enjoy later in the evening.
  • Bring music stands and sheet music. Unless you’re running an 11-piece dance band where the written music is essential to the performance, 1920s bands shouldn’t be performing with music stands. They should know the music they’re performing inside out.
  • Tailoring from the wrong decade. Your band shouldn’t be dressed up in modern dinner jackets because they don’t have the right traditional attire to wear.
  • Have a song list of less than 100 songs. True professionals have a huge repertoire of songs they can play on cue, anytime.

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Hire 1920s Band: Why book our 1920s band?

What sets out our bands from the rest? We specialise in 1920s music. We don’t perform any other styles or genres of music. We live and breathe the period. We’ve studied the music inside out, written it out, memorised it, worn it, improvised it. We have over 250 songs and counting in our repertoire.

What we do can’t be recreated. It’s impromptu 1920s music, with off the cuff horns, vocals and on the spot arrangements. Each and every performance is distinctive, original, and unique, always remaining authentic to its tradition. Make your event truly unique.

What our 1920s band can do for you

1. Welcome your guests in true 1920s style. Indoors and out!

Our 1920s band can perform indoors and out at any occasion. We do weddings, corporate launches, New Year’s Eve parties, themed fancy dress parties, and much more. Just give us a bit of time to tune up and we’ll be ready to set the scene.

2. Look absolutely spiffing

We don’t go anywhere without hats, shiny shoes, waistcoats, and pristine 1920s tailoring. You’ll think we arrived in our own personal time machine…

3. Get people up on the dance floor for a cheeky Charleston (or two…)

Add some drums and lights, and your evening entertainment is sorted. The Charleston is famously high energy and perfect for lively parties and wedding receptions.

3. Bring our 1920s flappers with us!

If your guests are in the mood to dance, then Silk Street Jazz can be the centrepiece of your evening’s entertainment. We can even be accompanied by our razzle dazzle 1920s dancers! Fringe and feathers will fly.

It’s smart to hire 1920s band that regularly works with their own dancers. You don’t want to book separate dancers and make things complicated. Separate entertainment bookings can be a recipe for disaster. Trust us – we’ve seen it happen!

Hire 1920s band: 1920s party ideas you’ll love

Love the decade but unsure about a theme? We’ve performed at every kind of 1920s themed party you can imagine. Here are some 1920s party ideas to get your planning started:

  • 1920s speakeasy. Illicit drinking. Bathtub gin. Secret knocks. Take your guests back to the 2os with a Prohibition party.
  • Peaky Blinders. Birmingham’s most dangerous family has been one of the BBC’s biggest recent hits. Get those flat caps ready (minus the razor blades of course…)
  • Downton Abbey. Time to deck out the drawing room. This sumptuous drama is the perfect party inspiration.
  • Flappers and gangsters. Combine two of the most iconic 1920s characters together.
  • Bright Young Things. Live as the aristocrats and socialites of 1920s London for just one night…

“I could not recommend this band enough. We were so lucky to have them as our afternoon entertainment. So many guests have remarked on how brilliant you were, so a big thank you!”


Hire 1920s band: Listen to some of our best 1920s songs

Hire 1920s Band

Want to see our full 1920s song list? Contact us for details.

How to make booking a 1920s band easy

Planning a big bash takes a lot of organisational know-how. We’re the best in the industry for a reason – we make booking simple and easy.

If you go to an act directly, there’s no guarantee they’ll be a full-time professional. There can be a lot less payment security and availability. It’s possible to pay less and cut costs, but think about what you could be getting in return – flakey musicians, limited date availability, and no insurance if plans fall through.

Some entertainment agencies are purely bookers. They take their fee and then leave the act and client to organise things between them. Silk Street is different – we’re by your side the whole way. We have experience not just in event management but also performance. We can secure the act (or acts!) you want with just one, simple, thorough point of contact. It’s a lot less hassle and less fuss than booking the band yourself.

Need to talk things through? We can talk on the phone, on Skype, or come directly to you. We’re not just an anonymous voice at the end of the phone.

Hire 1920s band now!

Time to strike up the band! Your big occasion needs a real 1920s band. Booking is easy. All you have to do is get your Charleston steps right…

You can book the best 1920s band in the business right now with a simple enquiry form, or get a quote directly from the Silk Street team.

“Fantastic band, really suited our Peaky Blinders themed ball. Many guests commented that they would like them at their event. Very professional, they arrived early, communicated well and were flexible and clear in what they could deliver, I would happily book again!”

James Gibson


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