Silk Street Jazz Band Perform at Roomes, Upminster


The Silk Street Jazz band launched the Christmas Party today by opening the fantastic all new, brighter and more contemporary Roomes store in Upminister. The band was featured at the front of the store, enticed passers by and entertained the high street. Click below to view the full brochure.

Roomes BrochureRoomes Brochure-2

Silk Street Jazz are a 3-10 performer Jazz band what performs all over the UK at weddings, funerals, parties and corporate events. We specialise in Dixieland New Orleans jazz from the Prohibition era. We bring the time of the Great Gatsby, bootlegging, the Charleston and flappers back to life. We are acoustic and can play almost anywhere and have our own flapper girls, the Silk Street Flappers to add some movement and glamour to your proceedings.


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