Help! Our amateur jazz band has let us down…


Help! Our amateur jazz band has let us down…

“Our amateur jazz band has let us down” is something we hear so many times. Here is the scenario: You booked a jazz band for your reception about 6 months ago and a few days before the big day, they call you…

“Im very sorry Miss Smith, but we cannot make your wedding this Friday, the band is now performing at the local jazz festival and it has been advertised for a while”

What’s more, the band does not offer you an alternative. You are left without a jazz band and time is ticking…Unfortunately this is one of many things that can go wrong when you place a booking with an amateur jazz band.

Why to Avoid an Amateur Jazz Band

There are far too many bands out there that play this music as a hobby. These musicians are often inexperienced in delivering the professional service you expect and have paid for. The band you have hired may give you quantity over quality however you’ll be glad when they go home. Amateur musicians normally have day jobs and tend to be owners of instruments rather than practising, highly-trained performers. They may turn up late, dressed incorrectly, sounding unrehearsed playing a limited, unsuitable repertoire (without those requests you asked for). As enthusiasts of jazz they may not consider their audience, perhaps performing inappropriately loud music for the venue, annoying the staff, disturbing your guests, preventing everyone from chatting, having a good time and in the worst case scenario, spoiling your special day.

Recent Case Study

Someone recently got in touch and asked us “We have just been let down by our 4-piece jazz band who were booked for £350. We were hoping you can do something similar?” . When we pointed out to them that the reason they had been let down was because the band they had booked was amateur, they were extremely pleased to be speaking with us. Silk Street were able to supply a jazz band at short notice and everything was resolved quickly and conveniently.

Why Choose a Professional Jazz Band?

In the current economic climate, it is easier to choose the ‘cheaper’ option. Whilst some bands are offering amateur prices, some as little as £350, Silk Street charge fair, competitive prices not far different from the local amateur band you have seen advertised. What’s more, we follow that up with a professional service too. Your big day is the most important event of your life and for the sake of that extra bit of reassurance, isn’t it worth it?

So Why Choose the Silk Street Jazz Band?

It’s simple, Silk Street is a fully professional outfit performing at hundreds of events every year, all over the country. We only use professional, highly experienced and skilled musicians who perform this music as their trade. We have certified Public Liability cover and PAT tested equipment giving you complete peace of mind (all certificates can be sent directly to the venue on request). We also have an extensive list of positive comments from happy customers and plenty of other reasons to tell you about.

Our prices are very reasonable and to put your mind at rest, we have a completely secure booking process. We treat every booking extremely seriously, giving you the attention you deserve. Once you have decided to hire the jazz band, get in touch and we will put your special date in the diary…and don’t worry, you won’t later receive that shock cancellation call from us, that’s guaranteed. You will never have to say “Our amateur jazz band has let us down.”

Need Some Assistance?

If you have already booked a band and have some concerns, then please get in touch and we will be glad to help. If you would like to make a booking enquiry then click here.

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