Silk Street Flappers – 1920s dancers for your party


Bring instant razzmatazz to any vintage themed event by hiring our very own Silk Street Flappers!

Flappers were the original bright young things, inspiring a generation of girls with short hair, short skirts and iconic dances that instantly conjure the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties. We bring these good time girls into the 21st Century with our fantastic group of dancers, the Silk Street Flappers.


The Silk Street Flappers care most about authenticity. From their clothes and hair to the dance moves they perform, they strive to provide a true 1920s experience to transport you and your guests back to the Jazz Age. Think prohibition, speak-easies and Boardwalk Empire – you are sure to be in for a wild night worthy of Gatsby himself.

Depending on the size of your event you can hire anything from a solo dancer to the four piece dance troup. They can dance freestyle or choreographed and can perform to a live band or pre-recorded track. To discuss how to book the Silk Street Flappers please ring 07397 909373 or fill out our online enquiry form. We will be happy to help!

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Watch the Silk Street Flappers in action

Need a 1920s band to go with your dancers? Partner with our 1920s band The Jazz Spivs for even more authentic Jazz Age entertainment!

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