This summer, bring people together with a speakeasy party!


speakeasy party

Have you noticed the amount of speakeasy bars popping up around the country recently? If you haven’t you’re moving in the wrong crowd.

Check out these recent articles listing some of the best places our lovely Capital city has to offer:

But don’t let London dominate the fun. It’s not that difficult to pull one of these parties together yourself!

What is a speakeasy?

Speak-easy establishments came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–1933), when the sale of alcohol was illegal. As a result, secret bars were set up in hidden locations for people to get together and have a drink and a dance. They were called Speakeasies, for obvious reasons!

Even though police would often raid them and arrest owners and patrons, speakeasies were so profitable that they continued to flourish.

Speakeasy and vintage party ideas

We’ve seen some great ideas at recent events including the classic ‘cocktail in a teapot’, some amazing art-deco inspired invitations and decorations and most importantly – some incredible fashion choices. There’s nothing like 20s fashion. The amazing flapper look for women and sharp suits and fedoras for the fellas. If you’re putting a 1920’s themed party on, make sure your dress code is strictly adhered to!

Authentic 1920’s music

Now, they didn’t call the roaring twenties the Jazz Age for nothing. Jazz ruled the airwaves throughout the 1920s as the most popular music in the world. And for us, that hasn’t stopped!

Silk Street Jazz perform at hundreds of events each and every year including weddings, private parties, funerals charity and corporate events. If you are organising a stylish twenties wedding or 1920s themed party, hire the Silk Street Lucky Four jazz band to recreate that speakeasy, prohibition atmosphere and get your party in full swing. Why not fill out our Quote Request Form today?

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