Top 5 Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs to have played on your Big Day


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In the age of Spotify and the internet, the business of choosing the songs to be played at your wedding can be really tricky. The web is awash with Top 20s, Top 50s, and Top 100s to choose from in virtually any genre. Indeed, there are even ready-made Spotify wedding playlists that you can use. But how well will these lists really meet your tastes and preferences? To make things a little bit simpler, we’ve narrowed down those massive lists, and focused in on something a bit more specialist and niche – but one that is perfectly suited to a wedding day. Jazz is the ideal soundtrack to a wedding, so here is our pick of the Top 5 romantic wedding jazz songs to have played on your big day.

Top Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs #1: Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong

We kick off our list with Louis Armstrong. Satchmo or Pops, as he was affectionately nicknamed, was one of the most influential figures in jazz history – not least because his career spanned several eras and five decades of jazz.

‘Kiss to Build a Dream On’ is a gorgeous tune to have playing in the background to the celebrations. Alternatively, it would be an inspired pick for the happy couple’s First Dance. Words that woo and sounds that start softly and build into a trumpet crescendo. This number really is an iconic romantic wedding jazz song!

Top Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs #2 – L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

Another great choice for the First Dance, Nat King Cole’s ‘L-O-V-E’ is a playful number that is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all your guests. This is a genuine crowd-pleaser.

Top Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs #3:Moonlight Serenade – Glen Miller and His Orchestra

Another genuine classic, we’re in smooth slow dance territory with this wedding jazz must-have, ‘Moonlight Serenade’.  Of course, the lyric is beautifully apt for a wedding too. It’s about two lovers spending a romantic night together. It’s a song where the singer serenades his lover in the moonlight on a summer’s evening. The seductive sounds just draw people onto the dancefloor. Guaranteed. This is simply one of the best romantic wedding jazz songs there is!

Top Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs #4: At Last! – Etta James

The Glen Miller connection continues with our next selection of our Top 5 wedding jazz songs, as it was first recorded by the Glen Miller Orchestra. However, it is the version recorded by Etta James in 1960 on her seminal debut album that most people are familiar with. The arrangement improvised on the original melody helped shoot Etta James to fame. The album ‘At Last!’ was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999. The likes of Celine Dion and Beyoncé have also had chart success with the tune over the years.

Top Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs #5: The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra 

Although the jazz purists could argue that Sinatra was more Swing than Jazz, Ol’ Blue Eyes sneaks onto our list by virtue of the fact that he worked with countless jazz greats during his career – and the fact that no wedding would really be complete without a bit of Frank Sinatra. This faster-paced number also features lyrics that are absolutely on point for a wedding.

That completes our list of the Top 5 Romantic Wedding Jazz Songs! Of course, you’re going to need a live act to play these classics for you on your wedding day, aren’t you? We can help you with that! Silk Street Jazz has years of experience performing at weddings. We’d love to play these classic tunes and many more on your special day.

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