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As Benjamin Franklin famously once said, “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” We all know how this thing is going to end. And when the end comes for our loved ones, we want nothing more than to ensure that they are given a fitting send-off. Over 600,000 funerals take place every year in the UK. Funeral music has always been a major part of proceedings. Firstly, there’s the careful choice of hymns throughout the service. Or maybe the CD playing out the deceased’s favourite track at the end of the event. Music is unrivalled as a way of tugging on people’s heartstrings and evoking special memories and emotions about the person who has passed away. Live funeral music can do this superbly too.

Funeral Music: Traditional or Personalised

The vast majority of funerals still follow the conventional and traditional format. However, just as with weddings, more and more people these days are looking to include personalised touches. Families and friends really look to include something truly personal into the service. People want something that reflects the character of the person who has passed away. This is the way that you can give a truly fitting send-off to a loved one. There is now a clear understanding that you don’t have to follow the traditional format. You don’t need to do something for the reason just because it’s the way ‘that things have always been done.’ A more personalised approach can help to create more meaningful moments for all concerned.

This can be as simple as requesting that the attendees wear an alternative to the traditional black, such as bright coloured clothes. At the other end of the scale, it can take the form of a themed event which spans across the dress code, music, and readings for the funeral.

Whatever you have in mind for a funeral, music can play an important part.

Live Funeral Music Options: A New Orleans-style Jazz band

Many of the enquiries we receive regarding around funeral music are focused on our signature outfit, Silk Street Jazz. Made famous from the classic scene in the James Bond movie. ‘Live and Let Die’, jazz band hire is firmly part of the New Orleans tradition. Many families look for something similar in a funeral for a loved one. 

Jazzing things up with a jazz band will certainly ensure that your loved one is given a resounding send-off. If your thoughts are leaning towards something similar, Silk Street Jazz are an ideal option -not least because the band can perform and walk at the same time. A moving procession with live funeral music is now perfectly possible.

How about something a little bit different?

Silk Street Jazz are the obvious choice for a funeral. Performing at many funerals a year, this is an act that brings with it over 20 years of experience. SSJ can perform with a variety of line-ups.

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