2 Piece

Silk Street Jazz Band |2 Piece Band
2 Piece

The Silk Street Jazz 2-Piece is the perfect mobile act. With the ability to perform in different areas of the venue and entertain guests, the 2 piece band is excellent entertainment at a reduced cost.

The band is ‘all acoustic’ and does not use any electrical equipment, meeting requirements stipulated by  venues whom do not allow amplification. The 2 piece band is extremely flexible, simply mix and match the instruments to meet your requirements. The band is available in the combinations below.


Trumpet & Guitar (or Banjo)
Clarinet & Guitar (or Banjo)
Saxophone & Guitar (or Banjo)
Trombone & Guitar (or Banjo)

(Instruments appearing will be at Silk Street’s discretion unless specified before confirming your booking)

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