4 Piece

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4 Piece

The Silk Street Jazz 4-piece is one of the most flexible line-ups and is available in various combinations to suit your requirements. With the use of an additional front line instrument (or the drums if you prefer), the 4 piece band gives a little more prominence and flexibility compared with the smaller 3 piece group.

The use of two front line instruments (clarinet & trumpet) preserves the lively sound of the larger groups yet retains the ability to stay mobile. We can start the celebrations by leading the happy couple out of the ceremony and into the reception, or can strike up an emphatic fanfare to launch any consumer product or commence the award ceremony.

The 4-piece band is also available with drums (instead of two front line) making it a very popular choice at private parties. Well suited for the smaller, intimate setting it creates enough impact to encourage your guests to dance and enjoy themselves.

The band is ‘all acoustic’ and does not use any electrical equipment, meeting requirements stipulated by  venues whom do not allow amplification


Trumpet or Trombone or Saxophone or Clarinet
Banjo or Guitar
Sousaphone* or Bass Saxophone or Double Bass
Drums (if requested)

* — Subject to availability

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