6 Piece

Silk Street Jazz Band | 6 Piece Band
6 Piece

The Silk Street 6-piece is the smaller version of the full band. Making an excellent dance band, the infectious sound of the 3 horns and rhythm section will make your party one to remember. The six and seven piece bands will get your party started!

The six piece band is guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor. With a wide range of repertoire including faster tempos, slower waltzes and ballads, the band’s wide choice of popular numbers will satisfy everyones musical taste.

The band is ‘all acoustic’ and does not use any electrical equipment, meeting requirements stipulated by  venues whom do not allow amplification. The larger Silk Street bands are very popular for corporate events, evening wedding parties and are tailor made for the client who wants to create a momentous occasion.


Sousaphone* or Bass Sax or Double Bass

* — Subject to availability

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