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summer events

The weather forecasts have been full of ‘a month’s worth of rain’ and even snow. However, we refuse to believe that the lovely weather we had a couple of weeks ago was it. That was not our summer! It was just a teasing and tantalising taster of what is to come. Summer and sunshine are the perfect combination for a range of summer events; from garden parties to rooftop celebrations to messing about with boats. You can make summer events sizzle with Silk Street Jazz. Here are a few ideas to help the planning of an awesome summer event.

Summer Events: Weddings

There’s nothing quite like a summer wedding is there? Wherever the ceremony and reception are it’s always great to be outside for the photos at the very least. Some couples take it further than that, turning their big day into an outdoor event with marquees on the lawn. Silk Street Jazz are old hands at weddings. What’s more, one of the advantages of being an acoustic jazz band is that the band performs anywhere: on the steps of the church, on the patio or on the lawn. Wherever you want us, in fact! To get a flavour of what it’s like to have Silk Street Jazz perform at your wedding day, take a look at Silk Street Jazz in Action: Huntsham Court Wedding.

Summer Events: Garden Parties

There’s nothing more quintessentially English than a garden party. You can almost taste the Pimms, can’t you? Of course, you are always at the mercy of the weather. However, there are sensible and reasonable precautions to take just in case if it is a wash-out. This blog from Utility is full of great tips: How to Throw the Perfect Summer Garden Party. Again, Silk Street Jazz are ideally suited to a garden party – or any outdoor setting – because they don’t need to plug in. They just perform!

How about some messing about on boats?

Summer events don’t have to be confined to dry land either. How about a riverboat cruise? Silk Street Jazz are proud partners of  Hobbs of Henley. Furthermore, they organise a range of superb events on the River Thames and we provide the silky jazzy sounds. And there are few better ways to spend a sunny afternoon or lazy summer evening.

Well, we hope we’ve inspired you for summer events. Just get in touch and discuss your plans with us today.

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