Get ahead of 2021: Why you should plan your post-Covid event & wedding entertainment now


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The events industry has taken a huge hit since Covid-19, from wedding entertainment to catering. Parties and events are very difficult to social distance (especially when the champagne’s flowing!) so celebrations have gone on hold and venues are closed until further notice. This means all wedding and party suppliers are inevitably closed too.

Thankfully, the end is now in sight! Many venues and wedding planners are firmly planning for things to be as close to normal as possible in 2021. Was your event or wedding put on hold in 2020? This is why you should start reorganising now.

The best suppliers will fill up their bookings FAST

Wedding entertainment companies and other event suppliers are ready to get back to business and some are already taking bookings. Many of our non-essentials are reopening in July and that means events companies won’t be too far behind. As soon as events can go ahead again (currently estimated to be 2021).

The suppliers with the best reviews and reputation will already be planning their next steps and booking their time. If you want to be at the front of the queue, talk to the small business suppliers you’ve been coveting on Instagram during quarantine!

wedding entertainment

People who’ve already postponed will get priority

The happy couples that were planning to get married in 2020 have faced a lot of disappointment. The majority of the suppliers they’d already booked with will be honouring their bookings, so their big day can happen as soon as weddings get the go ahead. The same goes for other events, from corporate launches to anniversary parties. The show must go on!

Suppliers need some time to get back to normal

Some events companies and suppliers sadly won’t survive Covid-19. Some will return to business slowly and some will get back to normal quicker than others. Everyone’s had to change the way they live and work and florists, wedding entertainment companies, venues, and caterers are no different.

It could take suppliers some time to restore their stock levels, make their operations safe and compliant, and hire the staff they need to help you throw a great party. Recovering small businesses need your patience and providing them with plenty of notice is a great way to give it.

wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment: Because we all need a good party!

Your 2021 wedding or event won’t be complete without a musical act to remember. Silk Street Jazz will be ready to play up a storm at your wedding, party or event from 2021 onwards. They’ve been rehearsing over Zoom and they can’t wait to get back on stage!

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