Hiring a Wedding Reception Jazz Band


Let’s face it, planning a wedding brings with it a myriad of emotions. It can be overwhelming, stressful, but enjoyable yet rewarding at the same time. With the rise of the internet and an ever-growing market for all types of entertainment, many jazz bands have learnt to adapt to keep up with the influx of the demand. Therefore, we know that one thing you’ll want to get right is the entertainment. Which is where our Wedding Reception Jazz Band, Silk Street steps up. Let us take the stress out of hiring a jazz band for your wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Jazz Band. No Sound Check. No Fuss.

It is important for musicians to adjust the sound levels properly when performing. You’ll want reassurance that the Wedding Reception Jazz Band you’ve booked can deliver. Therefore, a sound check sets the audio to standards and is essential for quality performance. This means, for most bands this can take about an hour although this will vary depending on the size of the band and event. It pays to bear this in mind and factor it in with your schedule accordingly. It is recommended that dinners, speeches and other social activities be postponed at the same time as a sound check. The advantage in hiring a jazz band for your wedding reception, particularly Silk Street Jazz, is that none of this applies. We are completely acoustic and unplugged. No sound check, no set up, no fuss.

Wedding Reception Jazz Band: Song requests

Get the most out of your Wedding Reception Jazz Band by sending a list of your favourite songs from the band’s repertoire. The band will then try to include them in their set. Keep in mind that professional jazz bands are going to change their set to suit the audience’s reactions. This is an important consideration when hiring a jazz band for your wedding reception. You can discuss repertoire on the phone with us beforehand or make several requests depending on which package you choose. Remember, if the songs do not appear in our jazz repertoire, they may be prepared and rehearsed in advance if asked. In most cases, a fee may be requested for applications, as we’ll need to take the time to learn new songs.

Rescheduling, replanning, stay imaginative with a Wedding Reception Jazz Band

As one out of every two couples from 2020 will now throw their wedding receptions in 2021, the year ahead will be even more inundated with weddings than normal. The unprecedented cancelation of so many weddings is also forcing couples to think imaginatively about what they really want from their wedding. A Wedding Reception Jazz Band is a great way to show off your imagination. Don’t forget, it’s better to get started sooner. Take a moment to reflect and tackle what’s ahead with a positive attitude. It will make a significant difference.

Wedding Reception Jazz Band. And we’re off!

As early as 21 June, the Government intends to remove all limits on social contact, including the lifting of the restrictions on weddings. This depends on the outcome of the event pilots starting next month (April 2021). These will determine how measures such as enhanced testing could allow large groups to attend occasions such as large weddings and festivals without the need for social distancing. Coronavirus completely curtailed 2020 weddings. For couples that have already set the date, we’re now due to increased demand, taking bookings for wedding receptions for 2021 and even 2022 and beyond.

For the ever growing number of recently engaged couples who have been engaged in the last year, 8 out of 10 have now officially set a wedding date. Woohoo! If the data points to anything, what’s certain is that after COVID, weddings will be plentiful.

Get ahead of the curve

So, planning your wedding? Add a splash of style to your proceedings with a jazz band at your wedding reception. Sophisticated and subtle to engaging and lively. Our Wedding Reception Jazz Band can enhance your do in a unique fashion. Your guests smiling in an instant. Guaranteed.

Why not chat to us today to see how our Wedding Reception Jazz Band can help with your entertainment? Book an appointment online now or get in touch and let us help you with your research today.

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