Best UK Jazz Bands: The Choice Is Yours


Best UK Jazz Bands

Jazz is perhaps the most versatile type of music in the world. Few other musical genres suit so many different types of events and occasions so brilliantly. Jazz is wonderful for weddings, perfect for parties, and fitting for funerals. But with such a wide-ranging genre and with so many different styles to choose from: where do you start? Well, to help you with your choice, here are three of the Best UK Jazz Bands to consider.

Best UK Jazz Bands: Silk Street Jazz

Silk Street Jazz

Once described, very aptly, as “the best New Orleans band outside of New Orleans”, Silk Street Jazz are our Dixieland specialists. For many people, when they think of jazz they think of Hot Jazz and The Big Easy. If that’s the way you think,  Silk Street Jazz are definitely for you. Totally professional and highly experienced, this act has impressive credentials. The band’s CV and the places and people they have performed to reads like a who’s who of the rich and famous. However, Silk Street Jazz are as at home in a local parish church or country hotel as they are at prestigious venues with global reputations. Weddings, corporate events and funerals – Silk Street Jazz have performed at them all.

Best UK Jazz Bands: The Jazz Spivs

The Jazz Spivs

If Silk Street Jazz’ spiritual home is New Orleans, then for The Jazz Spivs it would be a speakeasy. This outfit specialises in the sizzling sounds of the roaring twenties. This was the era of the speakeasy, prohibition and The Great Gatsby. It’s no surprise that the 1920s are very popular as a theme for events. Prohibition parties, Gatsby-inspired weddings and speakeasy soirees are all the rage. And, of course, for every party, you need a soundtrack. There’s nothing quite like a live jazz band either. Therefore, if you after an act that is authentic and experienced in all things retro and vintage, The Jazz Spivs are the ideal choice.

You can add to the experience by booking the incredible Silk Street Flappers. These girls get all your guests up on the dancefloor. Furthermore, they add a healthy dose of pizzazz to any event too!

Best UK Jazz Bands: Silk Street Swing

Silk Street Swing

Last, but certainly not least, in our list of three great jazz bands comes Silk Street Swing. Swing is the sound that evolved and developed as prohibition ended in America. The sound of jazz moved from the underground of the speakeasy clubs to bigger venues and bigger crowds. This called for a bigger sound and more musicians performing together on stage. The Big Band was born. Silk Street Swing evoke that big band sound and the classic Rat Pack era. It’s always a winner for events – be it a party, wedding or corporate event.

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