How much does a live jazz band cost?


live jazz band cost

How much does a live jazz band cost? It’s a simple enough question – and it’s one that you need to ask. However, the answer isn’t straightforward. That’s not a cop-out. It’s just that there are so many factors that can affect pricing. But what we intend to do with this blog is explain as clearly as possible how live jazz band cost is worked out. This is your ultimate live jazz band pricing guide.

Live jazz band cost: How long is a piece of string?

When you think about it, very few businesses put definitive prices on their websites (unless you are shopping for a product on Amazon). Sometimes this is quite frustrating. After all, you just want to know how much something is going to cost you!

Now, with entertainment acts, pricing can seem like you are sailing through muddy waters. Think of all the types of event you might want to book a live jazz band for. Here are just a few: a wedding, a funeral, a birthday party or a product launch. These are all quite different types of event and no two weddings or birthday parties are the same.

As we are offering a Service rather than a tangible product, this is why it’s difficult just to give a live jazz band cost out of thin air. Part of the Silk Street Jazz package is a promise to provide a personalised, bespoke performance. If you have special requests, we will do our level best to accommodate them. If you want to do things a little bit differently, we do our best to oblige.

And, obviously, we price accordingly.

Live jazz band cost and pricing guide

As a general rule and rough ballpark guide, a live jazz band is likely to cost in the region of £500 to £1500+. This is slightly less than the average price for wedding, party or function bands. However, there are several factors to take into account.

Live jazz band costs will depend on the size of the band. Like many jazz bands, Silk Street Jazz offer different line-ups to choose from. In fact, you can opt for a 2-piece or 3-piece right up to a 6-piece or 7-piece. A 2-piece gives you the perfect lower key live act. They can stroll around inside and out and are a great low-cost option. However, if you go for a larger-sized line-up you’ve got yourself a horn section and rhythm section. You’ve got the perfect hot-jazz big band sound.

With a live jazz band you are paying for a live performance. But, in effect, you are paying for much more. You are paying for an experience. The recorded rates are the commercial rates but remember that prices are dependent on what you want that ‘experience’ to be. How long do you want a performance to be? How many sets do you want us to perform? What’s more: Where do you want us to perform? In a procession from the venue? Mingling with guests? On a stage?

Of course, we adhere to your special requirements. And that is reflected in the price.

Silk Street Jazz: Prices tailored for you

So, it’s not possible to slap a single price tag on Silk Street Jazz for you. Live jazz band cost isn’t as simple as that. However, with Silk Street it’s all about providing flexibility and adaptability so that we can offer a performance and service that is tailored to exactly what you require for your event. Check out this How much does it cost to hire entertainment? guide for more information. Get in touch with Silk Street Jazz to discuss a live jazz band booking for your event.

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