It’s the roaring 2020s! 6 event ideas for a new decade


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We’re in a new roaring 20s! The 1920s feels like a very long time ago but there’s no reason why this decade can’t be just as famous for dancing, jazz, decadence, and mysteriously rich and absent party hosts…

Hosting a big event in 2020 with a jazz band for hire? These 6 fabulous event ideas will help you start the new decade right and keep all your guests entertained.

1. Forward-thinking fancy dress

We all know the short bobs and bejewelled dresses of the 1920s, but what could the future of fashion look like? Invite your guests to put a modern spin on the classic 20s fashions or use sci-fi references to create a truly futuristic party look.

2. Create your very own 2020 speakeasy

Bring the classic covert party up to date. Speakeasies and secret bars are still popular even though there’s no reason to hide the booze! Put your invites in code, put a sketchy looking gatekeeper at the door, or host in a venue off the beaten track. Your revellers will love the experience just as much as the illicit cocktails and jazz band for hire.

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3. Make a time capsule

Wondering what things will be like in another hundred years? Whatever kind of party you’re planning, you could ask your guests to bring things to put in a time capsule to be opened in 2120! Current technology, a newspaper, letters, and even simple household stuff could be fascinating to someone living in the next 20s.

4. Revisit the last 100 years

Decades are always a fun party theme and a brilliant excuse to put on a poodle skirt or OTT 1970s wig. If you’re concerned some decades won’t get much attention (Edwardian glam anyone?) you could give different guests different decades so the dance floor is a truly eclectic mix! The cocktails and canapés could be equally inspired.

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5. Look to the big and small screens

Get your guests to break out their film and TV inspired costumes. F Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby isn’t the only famous 1920s character from film and TV. The previous 20s was full of inspiration, from Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby to the lofty and mysterious Marchmains in Brideshead Revisited.

6. Jazz band for hire! Book timeless entertainment

Nothing beats live jazz. Whatever your setting – indoors, outdoors, daytime, nighttime, luxurious, rough and ready – live music will make sure the dancing and good times never end.

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