Silk Street Jazz: Your Brain On Music


If you are considering hiring a jazz band, it’s worth taking into account the thousands of hours of rehearsal time, practice, travelling and experience that our full-time professional musicians have gone through to reach the high standard of entertainment they offer today.


Learning a musical instrument is a time consuming process but it’s worth it! Recent research into the impact of musical training has given us an insight into the benefits it has on the brain.

From memorising tunes to being able to improvise, lets see what the brains of our Silk Street musicians can do after their years of training:

  • Improved memory: we have a repertoire of approaching 200 tunes and it takes a lot of brain power to remember them all.
  • The ability to improvise: Much jazz music is improvised on the spot which takes great concentration. Our musicians can play the same tune in many thousands of different ways so you’ll never get the same performance twice.
  • Improved motor skills. If you’ve ever watched a jazz musician in full flow you’ll see how fast they can move! Wind and brass instruments in particular rely on perfect coordination between the fingers, mouth and lungs to create a sound – something that takes a lot of practice and brain training.
  • A lifelong boost to the performance of other non-musical tasks. Learning an instrument is so beneficial it has a knock on effect on many other skills. It’s important to consider the practicalities of booking a jazz band for your event and luckily we are very hot on this aspect. We will be there to discuss your needs all the way from the first enquiry to the last note of the night.

Watch our videos to see improvisation in action as we dazzle audiences with Jazz classics played in our evocative New Orleans style (it takes a lot of memory power to remember all those tunes!).

Check our line-ups page to find the perfect band size for your event’s needs and see our Why us? page to check out our insurance, PAT tested equipment, risk assessments and accreditation. You can also read some reviews from happy customers on hiring a jazz band from Silk Street Jazz.

Hiring a jazz band from Silk Street Jazz is a great way to spice up an event and make it memorableThe research concludes that no other art form has the quite the same neurological and cognitive impact as music, so bear their superior cognitive powers in mind when booking Silk Street Jazz for your next event!

Give us a call on 07397 909373 to experience our non-musical expertise as we discuss how we can meet your event’s unique requirements within your budget – we’ll be delighted to help!

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