How to throw a launch party that goes off with a bang


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Your business is launching something big, so you need a party to match. Before you start searching for a launch party band and a top-rated caterer, you need to get some important details right first.

Here are 5 things you need to tick off to throw a launch party worth remembering.

1. Keep the speeches/explanations brief

A party is a party is a party. Your guests are there to see what you’re launching, but they’re also there to have a drink, talk, and – most importantly – dance.

If you’ve got products to demo, do it with a short video or have products available for people to try in their own time. If you’ve got people to thank or acknowledge, do it respectfully but quickly. Otherwise your guests will get twitchy and distracted, and the message of your launch could be lost.

2. Settle on a theme or concept

You don’t need a clear-cut theme, but it helps to stay true to the concept of whatever you’re announcing or launching and keep it consistent. Your brand’s colour scheme is a great place to start, and can be the basis for any goodie bags you give out or table decorations you add. Invitees will respond to clever, memorable touches, so putting some time into brainstorming is really valuable.

launch party band

3. Keep the refreshments flowing

Running out of food or drink is a cardinal sin. A launch is all about making a good impression, so abundance is essential. Over-prepare on that front, or you could risk people leaving early in search of food.

You don’t need to offer a full sit-down dinner, but canapés are a must. And needless to say the bar must be ready to offer sparkling wine for everyone, plus whatever they fancy afterwards.

4. Have some surprises up your sleeve

Introduce something unexpected, like a prize draw or celebrity guest. If members of the press are coming, you’re fighting against the fact that they go to a lot of the same kinds of events. To stand out, offer something different and memorable – for example, with your launch party band. Keep it a secret from everyone (even your staff if necessary) for maximum impact.

launch party band

5. Entertain, entertain, entertain (with a launch party band)

As well as keeping the speeches short, keep your guests entertained with a launch party band throughout the evening.

Whatever you’re launching, and wherever it is, Silk Street Jazz can make sure your party swings. We offer a fresh alternative to jazz entertainment. All of our band members are full-time professionals and some of the leading musicians in their field. You may have seen us on national TV before, and we’ve even performed for Her Majesty.

To bring the swinging Jazz Age to your launch party or event, talk to us about booking.

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