The benefits of acoustic, unplugged wedding band hire


Everything about your big day is carefully chosen, and wedding band hire is no different. Just like the ceremony, menu, and flowers, you want your entertainment to be memorable, joyful, and celebratory.

You might not have considered an unplugged experience, but acoustic jazz musicians can provide good times for all your guests. Here are a few reasons why you just can’t beat acoustic jazz!

They can perform in pretty much any venue

The venue you choose for your wedding reception can put pretty heavy restrictions on some entertainment acts. You might have your heart set on a small, charming church hall or a remote barn in the countryside, but size, technology available, and noise restrictions can narrow down your entertainment choices.

With an acoustic act like Silk Street Jazz, your venue is pretty much entirely up to you. With different line-ups and no wires, we can perform anywhere – indoors or outdoors! (Our musicians and instruments don’t perform at their best in freezing weather or rain though, so we do have to insist on a roof sometimes.)

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An authentic vintage sound

There’s something about live, unfiltered jazz that always gets a party started. At a true jazz age party, people were unlikely to have mics or sound systems pumping sound around the venue. Unplugged music has completely different acoustics, and can fill your wedding venue with sound in an entirely unique way. Your guests certainly won’t forget it anytime soon…

Background or centre stage – it’s up to you!

Acoustic musicians are naturally very adaptable wedding band hire. They can modify their sound to quietly accompany dinner or take to the stage and get everyone dancing. Wedding ceremonies and receptions have different moods throughout, so it’s important to hire entertainment that’s flexible or has a specific place in the day’s events. The best man might appreciate a slide trombone during his speech, but the father of the bride probably wouldn’t…

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Wedding band hire to shake up tradition

The traditional wedding will end the ceremony with a meal, toasts, a first dance, cutting the cake, and an opportunity to drink and dance until the small hours. With the acoustic wedding band hire of your choice, you can integrate music into different parts of your big day. They can follow you down the aisle when all the official stuff’s out the way, play your guests into the reception venue, or kick off the dancing.

Silk Street Jazz have been performing together since 2003, playing authentic jazz at weddings, on TV, and at high profile events around the country. They’ve even performed for Her Majesty herself!

Our line-ups range from 2 piece to 7 piece bands, including banjo, sax, trumpet, clarinet, or sousaphone. With their flexible approach and the unusual ability to play as an acoustic mobile act, they can perform anywhere for anyone!

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