Vintage-themed event: How to organise



A vintage-themed event is the perfect excuse for indulging in a good old dose of nostalgia.

We’ve always seemed to love a bit of retro in this country. Even the Eighties have become cool again in recent years!

And whether it’s retro or proper vintage, as a theme it’s so versatile for a vast array of occasions. From an easy hook for a fancy dress party to a wedding anniversary celebration, a vintage theme is one that can work as well for a celebration as it does for a corporate event.

Here are some tips for organising a fantastic vintage-themed event.

Choose the era

This has to be your starting point. When we think of eras we normally think in terms of decades. Okay, maybe the 80s and 70s aren’t far back enough to be yet classed as ‘vintage’ – but from the swinging 60s to the rock ‘n’ roll 50s and back to the 1930s and the roaring twenties, each decade will present you with stacks of ideas in terms of décor, dress and, of course, music to set the tone for your event

Dress for the occasion

A strict dress code is optional and it might not be appropriate for every type of event. But having your guests turn up in outfits appropriate for the era: tea dresses, swing dresses and fascinators for the ladies; and suits, waistcoats and slicked-back hair for the men, can really help to set the mood for the event.

And, of course, most people really do love the idea of dressing up!

Set the scene

Décor is extremely important in setting the scene for an event. It helps to create the right ambience and takes your guests on a trip back in time down memory lane. In the summer months, a quaint English country garden or village hall look will work well. A 50s look is likely to have many American touches for that rock ‘n’ roll and diner vibe.

Try adding little touches such as black and white photos on tables. A bit of glitz and glamour and plenty of silver sets the mood perfectly for a 1920s inspired event.

Music, music, music

It’s all about the music with a vintage-themed event. Yes, the décor and the dress code can go a long way in setting the scene for your event, but it’s with the music that it really takes off.

Whether you want music to create ambience and to be understated in the background or you want music to get all your guests on the dancefloor, you need music!

Just mention the likes of Soul, Motown & Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Jive or Rat Pack & Big Band and you can already visualise how the event is going to be. You can picture it can’t you?

But for us – and okay maybe we are a bit biased – when we think of vintage, we immediately think of one thing – jazz!

Whether it’s for parties, corporate entertainment, a wedding, or even a funeral, Silk Street Jazz are perfect for all occasions.

And if you want your roaring twenties event to absolutely roar with success, check out The Silk Street ‘Lucky Four

Glitz, glamour and great music. A perfect vintage!

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