Why A Funeral Brass Band Lives For The Moment


Funeral brass band

Jazz is widely seen as a form of music that’s capable of lighting up a room. In a typical jazz-powered party, booming brass instruments infuse the surroundings with a sense of joy, merriment, and exhilaration. As soon as a jazz band start playing, it’s so easy to become lost in the moment.

But in reality, jazz is capable of propping up many more occasions than limb-loosening get-togethers. In fact, this music genre is equally suited for events at the other end of the spectrum: funerals. Let us explain why a funeral brass band is the perfect choice for a celebration of life:

The jazz funeral: New Orleans

The emotional range of jazz music is so expansive, but no matter what the occasion, its power invariably resonates with the congregation.

If you’re having a tough time picturing a jazz funeral, it’s worth looking at the city of New Orleans in the United States. In this corner of the country, jazz music is as synonymous with funeral ceremonies as black dress and fleets of limos. Often, jazz bands will form part of the procession, playing soothing songs that fit the sombre mood but instil a resounding atmosphere all at once. It’s music that reflects the importance of the day, and serves to help people remember the occasion for its “beauty” as opposed to its upsetting associations.

Silk Street Jazz have a songbook packed full of suitable funeral ballads ready to go at a moment’s notice, and we also accept requests for ceremonies. If your loved one had a particular favourite song, there’s no better way to pay testament to them than with a jazz band playing a heartstring-pulling cover.

A superb send-off

When the main funeral is over, the deceased are worth remembering rather than being mourned. This is where hiring a jazz band can prove so valuable. Thanks to the emotional complexity of the genre, Silk Street Jazz can flip from brooding tunes to jovial melodies in the blink of an eye. We can even put funky spins on old and modern classics to give your loved one an absolutely superb send-off that nobody will ever forget.

Wakes ought to be a celebration of life, and Silk Street Jazz can soundtrack these occasions in confident, calm, and capable style. We’re happy to tailor our performance to your specifications so your loved one gets the kind of goodbye they deserve.

A funeral puts you through the emotional wringer – but you can count on Silk Street Jazz to be there with you every step of the way; helping you to live for the moment.

If you’re looking to give a loved one an unforgettable memorial service soundtracked by some gorgeous music, get in touch with Silk Street Jazz today on 07397 909373, or drop us a line using our contact form at the bottom of our website. We’re happy to discuss your arrangements and talk with you at length about the kind of service you desire. We’ll make your day a special one for all the right reasons – and that’s a promise.

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