5 celebration of life ideas you MUST see NOW when planning a Funeral


5 celebration of life ideas you MUST see NOW

I bet you didn’t realise, but the UK funeral market is currently estimated to be worth around £1billion annually, with over 600,000 funerals taking place each year. But how many of those funerals are your typical traditional service? Compared with services that are truly an opportunity for a celebration of life. Family and friends can pay tribute to a loved one enabling everyone to say goodbye in a uniquely personal way. Choosing a celebration of life over a funeral is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Debby Mayne at The Spruce describes the differences between a funeral and celebration of life. Therefore, with families always on the look out to do that ‘something a little different’, here are our 5 celebration of life ideas you must see now for a unique send off.  

1. Celebration of life ideas: Themed Funerals

For something that’s a bit different, why not celebrate someone’s life through a theme that’s personal to the deceased. Whether it’s Only Fools and Horses, Fancy Dress or a Superhero theme, a themed funeral can lighten the mood and bring out a characterful feeling. Though it doesn’t have to be full-on fancy dress. We attended a funeral a few years ago where the mourners were asked to wear Hawaiian shirts. Bright and colourful is a sure way to lift spirits on the day and just one of the ways you can make the funeral feel a little bit different. 

Celebration of life ideas

2. Celebration of life ideas: Live Stream The Funeral

With the recent lockdown restrictions, attending funerals has been challenging for some, particularly elderly or currently shielded family or friends. By live streaming the funeral this gives an opportunity to those who may not have been able to make it to attend. With so many more things now ‘online’ it’s really beneficial to offer this. Whether it’s Zoom, Facebook, Skype, or Vimeo (our preferred video service) you plan to use, many crematoria have the facility to arrange this service for you and your funeral directors will be able to assist. Watch this video for further help on how to live stream a funeral service.

Celebration of life ideas

3. Celebration of life ideas: Alternative Hearse

Everyone always thinks about the hearse as a car. But it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to. Through a highly personalised statement, the final journey of a loved one can depict their life. We’ve attended a lot of funerals in out time mostly with either cars or horses. However, apparently fire engines and camper vans are on the increase. We performed at a funeral recently where the deceased arrived in a Harley Davison and side car coffin. Now there’s something a little bit different. See Compare The Coffins list of alternative celebration of life ideas.

Celebration of life ideas

4. Celebration of life ideas: Personalised Coffin

Perhaps the deceased was a dedicated life long football fan? Or a devoted environmentalist. Have you considered a picture coffin? Which are rising in popularity. Inspiration can be taken from sport, photographs or even places. We performed at a funeral (a few years back now) where a pathway coffin was used. Family and friends wrote personalised messages on the coffin itself. I remember this funeral fondly. Family and friends walked with us, joining in the musical performance with shakers, rattles, drums and tambourines in a truly unique affair. 

Celebration of life ideas

5. Celebration of life ideas: Jazz it up with a Jazz Band

Have you considered a live musical performance? Music evokes emotion and brings back memories making it feel as though it was just yesterday. If you’ve chosen your tracks for during the service, why not consider a trumpeter, bag pipe or even a parade band. The advantage of using a jazz band is that it can walk and perform at the same time. Create a celebratory send off outside the family home, the gates of the crematorium or a personalised musical  dedication by the flowers afterwards. Have a look at our article discussing the ‘Top jazz funeral music for 2021’ for musical inspiration. 

Celebration of life ideas

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