Jazz Band for Weddings: 13 common questions you’ll probably be unaware of and MUST ask Silk Street immediately. Do this BEFORE considering to hire. Learn More NOW


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Tell me if this sounds familiar? Have you ever turned on the TV, hit the Netflix button and spent more time scrolling through the eternal list of titles, rather than actually watching something? Don’t worry, we know how you feel. You’ve dedicated hours and hours trawling the internet, browsing entertainment agency sites that feel like a never-ending Argos catalogue rather than helping you with an informed decision-making process.

You got it. Your wedding supplier list needs to be that binge-worthy box set that you just can’t stop watching. Each episode runs addictively in to the next, hence creating an unbreakable chain of high-quality, time-worthy, reliable suppliers that you have complete confidence in. Remember, these guys will be the building blocks of your wedding, once you’ve chosen them and put your money down, it can be a painstaking process to reverse these choices at a later date. Therefore, with the newly engaged and bride and grooms to be on the look out for a Jazz Band for Weddings. Here are 13 common questions you’ll probably be unaware of and MUST ask Silk Street immediately. We recommend you do this BEFORE considering to hire. So without further a do, it’s time to learn more now below 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 1 – Are you a full time professional band?

As a full time professional band, we specialise in supplying our Jazz Band for weddings. Be careful. Some bands say they are professional but trust me, are only professional at the weekends. Our musicians are all full time professionals and earn their crust from music. That’s 52 weeks a year from performing, teaching, recording or recitals. With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many of our performers have not been able to work so we’re looking forward to being back up and running and doing what we love. 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 2 – How much experience do you have performing at weddings?

How long your wedding supplier has worked in the wedding industry is a great way of finding out about not only their experience but also their knowledge and expertise. We’ve been in the wedding business for nearly 20 years, that’s a lot of weddings, a lot of happy couples and a list of testimonials the length of your wedding train (the extra fabric that extends from the back of your wedding gown).

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 3 – Do you have insurance? Yes we mean you

Insurance usually means Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance. Your venue will require it from any wedding supplier you book as they’ll be carrying out their duties on your behalf, on their premises. Any band worth its salt will provide you with copies of their Public Liabilty insurance. We also send ours direct to the venue. So, there’s another thing ticked off the list. We have a question for you… “We have insurance…but do YOU?” Please note that wedding insurance is well worth taking out, particularly during times like these. It really can cover you against the unforeseeable. 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 4 – Can I watch the band perform live?

Where possible we always recommend you watch any band perform live. Live performance is the gold standard of ability. If the band sounds great live, it will do so at your wedding.  

Some free advice. This industry can be quite fickle. With huge agencies and competing entertainers, a lot of bands have been pushed towards making slick, shiny, high-end publicity videos. Now on first look, these appear to have all the bells and whistles any bride and groom could want, but on reflection, after that second watch by that someone in the know, things start to seem a little off pitch. Did you know a lot of artificial editing can be done behind the scenes? Auto tune and image enhancement for example. The BEST way you can make your decision is by watching the band live or failing that, videos of their live performance.

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 5 – Do you have real reviews and references?

Reviews and references help to build trust between you and your wedding supplier. Whether it’s the photographer, videographer or caterer, ask to see references from previous weddings. Research that band on the internet to find out what type of feedback they received in the past. When was the most recent feedback left? Can you find anything negative and how was it dealt with? Ask them directly about an event that didn’t go well and how they’ve learned from the experience. The proof really is in the pudding. Why not check out reviews of Silk Street Jazz whilst you have a minute.

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 6 – Have you performed at our chosen venue before?

This is always a great question to ask. If the jazz band has performed at the venue before, the venue will probably recognise the name. Some venues even have recommended (approved) suppliers and they can point you in the direction of photographers and caterers with a successful past history. Silk Street work with many venues around the country and have performed at hundreds. How does Buckingham Palace sound?

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 7 – Why should I book you directly?

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Still searching for your supplier online?

There are stacks of agencies saturating the internet. With entertainment companies boasting over 2000+ acts and 1 million weddings to date, you have to ask yourself, is your wedding becoming just another number or statistic to them? To give further insight, we are only human. There’s a limit to how many places we can be at and how many weddings we can therefore perform at. By booking directly, you are not getting an agent at the end of the phone who has limited knowledge of the business and the Acts they are selling. With us, you’ll receive real advice about what works, backed up with years of experience actively being part of the big day itself. 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 8 – What are your payment and deposit terms?

So, to put this simply, a DEPOSIT PAID means SECURITY. Any wedding supplier will request a down-payment so they can ink your special date in to the diary. Like Silk Street, most suppliers will have a clear booking procedure, booking contract and terms and conditions. Remember to READ and RE-READ the T&Cs. This outlines your agreement with the supplier (including their cancellation rates). Tip: Beware of suppliers, particularly bands who do not ask for a deposit. If a better offer comes along, they might ditch you at the altar. 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 9 – What happens if you are ill on the day?

Professional bands will have a group of musicians they can call on in times of need. Call it a deputy list if you like. Silk Street Jazz is a small, yet closely knit group of experienced individuals. Think of us as a Premier league football team. If one player gets injured then the whistle blows and on jumps the super-sub (who often scores for that extra bit of excitement). 

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 10 – Are there any other charges (travel, accommodation etc)?

Always ask whether there are any hidden charges and whether the quote is VAT inclusive or exclusive. Some bands will charge for travel and accommodation if your wedding venue is further afield. Be clear on what you are being charged. All of our price packages contain clear details of what you pay and receive by booking with Silk Street, and we don’t charge VAT either. How’s that sound?

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 11 – What will you be wearing on the day?

This is always a good one to double check, so make sure you confirm what you would like your performers to turn up in on the day. Professional bands will look smart. Anything else is unacceptable. Full stop. So here’s our top tip: To help you make a decision, look over a wide range of band photographs from previous events. You never know what they might have in the wardrobe.

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Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 12 – What are your requirements on the day of the wedding?

All wedding suppliers will have a list of requirements for the day of the wedding. It’s important that these expectations are firstly shared at the beginning and secondly are delivered on the day. Happy suppliers mean happy weddings. Though do beware of that long list of demands, it usually smells of troublesome behaviour. Or an unprofessional diva that’s about to take to the stage and spoil your day. When booking with Silk Street Jazz, we have just 3 simple requirements. It’s important to be transparent from the outset and we will go through these requirements with you when we speak. Which leads us nicely on to the last (or perhaps penultimate) question…

Jazz Band For Weddings: Question 13 – Can we hold a Zoom, Skype or FaceTime call before we decide to book?

Sure! We always welcome either a few phone calls or video calls to help you with your decision making. We give friendly, but more importantly FREE advice to you and it’s always nice to put a face to a name. Whether we’re not the perfect fit or a match made in heaven, I should stop now as this is starting to sound too like a dating agency. But you get the idea. 

Jazz Band For Weddings: SECRET QUESTION

Ultimately and most IMPORTANTLY is the BIGGEST question of all. This is the one you have to ask yourself in the end. So here it is is (we’re pleased to share it with you by the way). 

“Do I feel confident in booking this wedding supplier – will they deliver and meet my expectations on the day of the wedding?”

If the answer to this is a resounding YES then hooray! You’ve found a supplier that is reputable, responsible and one you have complete faith in to be part of the biggest day of your life. Going through the list of supplier questions above will help you reach this important decision. And don’t forget, this list will apply to many other wedding suppliers, so use it like the 10 commandments (well…13). 

Silk Street Jazz is part of the Silk Street Group a (non-Argos styled) entertainment supplier that will make first-rate bespoke recommendations tailored to your event. We won’t allow you to get lost in the noise. Speak to us and we will give you professional experienced advice that is second to none. Zoom is on. The coffee is brewing. So, really looking forward to our chat. 

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