Why you should always book a professional


You come home from work and your house is under water. There’s a leak and you have no idea where it’s coming from and everything is going wrong. Do you a.) Call an emergency plumber b.) Try and fix the problem yourself c.) Call someone you know who knows a little bit about plumbing.

I certainly know what I would do – call the expert! The same applies when looking at music for your wedding or event. We’re not just saying this, we’ve heard a few horror stories in the past and have been lucky enough to step in and help on a few occasions. 

We thought it might be an idea to reason out why you should let the professionals take care of your music needs:

Licensing laws

Many of the venues we perform at, especially wedding ones, have strict rules around noise output at certain times and in certain areas of a venue. As a professional act for hire we can accurately detect what decibel level we can perform at and when, to make sure there’s no conflict on your big day. We also have completely acoustic and unplugged options available so no need to worry about any sound limiters. A happy venue is a happy event!

Last-minute hitches

Anyone who has been around on the circuit as long as we have will be used to a few last-minute hiccups. The last thing you want on your big day is to have to sort out logistical issues for suppliers. As professionals, we know to keep any issue contained, sort it out ourselves with the venue behind the scenes and just keep making sure the day runs smoothly. 

Making it personal

This especially applies to weddings. We love talking with the couple and working on music choices. We are always happy to take on new numbers as well as performing some of the 200+ classics in our repertoire. It’s a service you won’t get from amateur musicians and one which really gives the day a personal touch. After all, your first dance song is your song – don’t settle for selecting one from a book.

Practice makes perfect

Far be it for me to say…but I will! We are a talented bunch! We have literally thousands of hours of rehearsal, practice and performance time under our belt as well as hundreds of events including weddings, parties, TV ads and corporate celebrations every year. Our experience makes us the top jazz band for hire in the UK.

Crowd management

I used to joke that I have a GCSE in crowd management. There’s some truth in that though. Performing in a band isn’t all about what you’re performing. There’s a lot about stage presence and infecting crowds with relentless enthusiasm. A good song will get people tapping their feet but a good band will get them moving those feet to the dance floor.

So, that’s it – our top reasons why you should book a professional for your big day. If you want to discuss any of the options with us please do get in touch. Remember, we are available as a small acoustic act all the way up to a full electric band with horn section. Don’t believe us? Check out what others had to say about us

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